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I'm Swancy. I'm 18, and forever hoping I can get into tyler hoechlin's pants. I love my girls of Little Mix, j'adore the cast of Teen Wolf. And forever amazed at the flawlessness of Crystal Reeds skin ;) Send me an ask, I don't bite... well not much :P


Looks like a fun gang.


who dat


who dat

I need his prosthetic leg.


We only need 247,702 more views to get wings where it deserves


So i’m going to keep spamming you with these posts until it gets to 100M

Which if i calculated right, It should take 1 1/2-7 days maybe, but we have to work super hard

This is on vevo, not youtube, but once…

Favourite Fast Foods

 As you do…

 As you do…


disney’s four seasons + seasons of my love

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